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I want to empower people who are standing at a major crossroads in their lives. Encourage them to find strength and confidence in the choices they make so that they can find their happiness. Your crossroads. Your choice.

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Welcome to my real, crazy, emotional, probably too honest journey. I am an everyday girl in this everyday world trying to keep my head above water. I have strengthened my own emotional resilience and want to help you strengthen yours. Within the pages of this book and the activities in my program, you will learn about the things that have broken me down and the steps I am taking to build back up.


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If You Died Tomorrow, Would You Die Happy? – A View on Mindset

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life In my debut creative nonfiction novel, “Your crossroads. Your choice.,” I mention how I stumbled upon my new partner on this journey, who I refer to as M2. There is no way we would have connected so deeply if I did not have the beginnings of my current mindset when I met him. Yes, I said beginnings because changing how I look at myself, my life and my journey is an ongoing process – one I am happily enjoying everyday. If I was still wallowing in my fearful, unhappy, self-pity perspective I am certain… 

Your Glass Is Never Empty: A View on Perspective

Close your eyes. Evaluate your perspective on your life. Imagine yourself getting caught in the rain. What about being stuck in traffic when you absolutely have to make it to that appointment on time. What is your perspective? As I was walking the halls of my job, I came across a poster with the following message: The glass is filled with ½ air and ½ water. So technically, the glass is always full. This struck me as quite an interesting concept because I have always lived my life in black and white, right and wrong. I am learning through this… 


My Dirty Little Secret: A Post on Validation

Life is a Hot Mess and We are All Looking for Validation Raise your hand if you have fallen victim to browsing through Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platforms. I am guessing several of the things you saw made you instantly felt crappy about your own life. Why? Because you are looking at all the wonderful, seemingly effortless things the world is posting about. Newsflash here, everyone’s life is a hot mess and we are all looking for validation. In fact, the reason why people enjoy posting all of those amazing dinners, perfect outfits or workouts accomplished is simple…. 

Customer Testimonials

  • Finding a happiness life coach who empowers you to feel confidence in your decisions is a priceless treasure. I was feeling very low, stuck in a rut in my relationship and EJ helped me to see what story was holding me back. I set an achievable goal, made mini-targets and was on my way to a happier life. I chose to leave my relationship and focus on myself and my career. EJ helped me to see that happiness is a process and helped me to find mine. I have contacted her recently to follow up and let her know what an impact she has made on my life.

    Michael F., NYC
  • EJ and I met when I was facing a major crossroads in my life. The experience that EJ has had in her life gives her the expertise to be a successful coach. The goals we came up with were clear and the timeline to complete them is realistic. Three months later I am on my way to a happier life. Happiness is not an end result, it is a constant moving target and EJ helps to keep me on the path towards it.

    Jennifer S.
  • I had been struggling with the choice to make a major move in my life – literally. My boyfriend and I were deciding whether to pick up our lives and move across the country. EJ sat with us and helped to map out clear goals and objectives for our first month in our new town. Being able to visualize a goal and be held accountable to a timeline has been invaluable in helping to make the decision of whether to make the choice and move. It is great to have someone to use as a sounding board and advocate! EJ made me feel confident in my choice.

    Katie P.